Marie Bowser | Acupuncturist

For over 10 years, Marie has combined her healing tools (Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, body work, meditation, creative visualization, qigong and various eastern philosophies) together in combination with her engineering skills (an earlier career) applied to patient healing. With this skill set Marie provides:  The ability to clearly discern patterns at play in patient health; Elegant design and tracking of treatment plans; As well as relationships with patients that are compassionate and warm while also encouraging, forthright and motivating. Patients that come to Marie with body pain find symptom relief but also feel happier, empowered and more resilient. Patients suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia find themselves transformed. Her passion is for guiding patients toward letting go of beliefs that do not serve and guiding them toward a new paradigm of living.  

Marie Bowser Acupuncture
514 Kains Ave.
Albany, CA 94608
510 984-1101