June Kamerling | Pilates Instructor

When June turned 50, she knew that she did not want to grow old being overweight and unhealthy. She started working out with a personal trainer and soon was inspired to become a personal trainer herself, followed by her Pilates training.  June brings to her Pilates and personal training, years of bodywork experience, knowledge of the skeletal and muscular system, muscle testing (kinesiology), how each individual body is designed to move, her experience working with many conditions such as repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain due to tension and old injuries.

“I’m so thrilled with the way Pilates and weight training has changed my body and my feeling of well being. I want to bring that feeling to others”.

June is fascinated by the human body…how we move, how we hold emotional patterns and habits which can affect our everyday well being, vitality and ability to move and be pain free. June has over 30 years experience in Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and soft and deep tissue therapeutic massage.

“NeuroKinetic Therapy is based on the premise that when an injury has occurred, certain muscles shut down or become inhibited, forcing other muscles to become overworked. By applying light pressure that the client then resists, the practitioner can evaluate the strength or weakness of each muscle, revealing the sources of injury and retraining the client’s body to remove the compensation patterns” (from the book Neurokinetic Therapy by David Weinstock.)

June has studied nutrition as a personal interest for many years, being raised by a “health food nut” mother. June follows a “Paleo template” of eating and practices Mindful eating. She has never been in better health as she approaches medicare age.  She is happy to talk to you about diet and nutrition based on her personal experience of many years.

June is fully certified in all Pilates apparatus through Balanced Body University, is a personal trainer through NCSF, FAMI certified through Kinected Pilates Studio in NYC,  and certified in Pre-natal/Post-Partum Pilates. June has completed level 1 and 2 of Primal Pilates and is currently teaching Primal Pilates at El Cerrito Fitness.

June Kamerling