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Max Ventura, Classical Homeopath

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Homeopathy is a healing modality which is not invasive, is non-toxic, and has no dangerous side effects. It is a safe, effective medicine with a long history of use that stretches across centuries and continents. Homeopathy is helpful for anyone, from babies in-utero, to relieving the suffering of loved ones in their dying days.

My family has used Homeopathy as our first line of defense for the past quarter century as we work to support our immune systems. I used over-the-counter remedies in doing simple home care as my kids were growing up, and we had the support of Professional Homeopaths along the way as they treated us constitutionally. My daughter's life-threatening allergies were stopped in their tracks and 23 years later she has had no more incidents... the susceptibility no longer is part of her life. 

Once my youngest was moving toward teenage years, I embarked on the rigorous study of Homeopathy to become a Professional Classical Homeopath myself. I love to work with people who are not getting what they need in the conventional medical world. While sometimes Conventional Medicine is needed, and excels, it overall is based on treating disease once it is there. Homeopaths are working to help strengthen your body and its Vital Force (like Chi, or Prana) so that it best can resist disease, or can move through disease quickly.

I look forward to helping you attain the health you deserve.