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Better Referral Network | BNI

We are highly inspired, talented, diverse professionals  who work to make sure each member is successful.  We are a springboard for business opportunities,  welcoming visitors, growing to 33 members  and generating $1.3 million  in referral business this year. We meet in person in West Berkeley Join us! Thursdays 7 to 8:30 AM We are looking for business professionals who want to grow their businesses. As entrepreneurs living and working in the Berkeley, California area, we invite you to consider the mutually profitable prospect of becoming a part of our growing network for a mutually profitable business association. BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world, and it has a unique twist. We accept only one person per professional specialty in each chapter. If you are accepted into membership, you will lock out your competition. Our network functions as your extended sales force through the world's most effective form of advertising, word of mouth! Ou

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Our Chapter Roster

Bruce Roberts | Business Insurance & our PRESIDENT

Josh Wulkan | Financial Advisor & our VICE-PRESIDENT

Deborah Fisher | Tax Accountant & our SECRETARY/TREASURER

Francis Griffin | Commercial Realtor

Arthur Brito | Landscape Designer & EDUCATION CO-COORDINATOR

Matthew Stachnik | Electronics Retailer-Security Systems


Srinika Narayan | Nutritional Consultant

Angel Lax | Home & Auto Insurance