Help for Finding Substitutes & The Benefits

Finding Substitutes

Each member is allowed 3 absences with a substitute and 3 absences without a substitute in the 6-month term. Keep in mind that people do business with people they know and trust.

There's nothing like showing up consistently to build credibility with your chapter members!

The best kind of substitute:

It is always better to invite someone outside the extended BNI network. Clients, friends, or colleagues who can sing your praises or someone in a profession you think might be a good fit for chapter membership, are all good choices.

Start prepping a few of these people now, so when you need them, they can sub for you. Plan in advance if you're going out of town.

The subs you invite are visitors and as such hear the informercials of your fellow chapter members. They are potential customers, so from a "giver's gain" perspective, this really helps your chapter members. (If you receive business from someone who subbed for a member, credit that member with the "thank you" slip.)

Subs get introduced by the President and get their business cards passed as well. Let your subs know it's a great opportunity for them to get publicity for their businesses when you invite them. Remind them to come on time (7 AM) to network and to bring business cards.

The second best kind of substitute:

If you can't find a "best kind of sub," the second best are members of other BNI chapters whose profession is not represented in our chapter.

You can find a list of local chapters and members on the local BNI website:, then click on "chapters," then start calling or emailing.

Professional courtesy:

Although not required, if you can't make a meeting, let the President or Vice President know. If you wake-up sick the morning of, you can send us an email.